Masin Marketing began operation as a small company with limited resources aiming to become one of the largest suppliers of furniture parts in Singapore. These furnitures parts include wooden sofa legs, stainless steel sofa legs, plastic gliders and customised bentwood or plywood. The founder of the company recognized the need to constantly innovate and keep up to date with the latest trends so as to remain relevant in the market. Holding fast to this value, the inventory of the company expanded exponentially to finally become a one stop station for all furniture manufacturers.

Having cornered the market in less than a decade, the profitability of the company was constrained by the limited domestic market. That was when the founder of the company decided that going international was the only way to build up the company. That was when the expansion of the company involved starting an intensive marketing campaign to build an online presence to reach out to the international market.

Used Forklifts

TCM 6 tons Diesel Used Forklift

Our used forklifts are all in excellent working condition after refurbishing and reconditioning works by our skilled mechanics.

Furniture Parts Customisation

Our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to customize furniture parts like sofa legs made from a variety of materials including plastic, metal, stainless steel, wood or aluminum. We are able to take care of your needs from the fabrication of new mould right down to production stage so that operations will be seamless and your supply would not be compromised.

A touch of gold

It is common to see gold on apparels and fashion accessories but never before have the market seen a sofa leg combining the beauty of wood and the luxury of gold. Now, it is here.


Kapuk Cotton for sale in Singapore & Malaysia

A soft, smooth, hygienic, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly material. It is reusable and does not grow mold or decay. Usually used for mattress & pillow stuffing and upholstery.