Many hardwoods are highly valued and some businesses do not hesitate to fell the trees for them to be made into furniture for the consumer market. However, such unsustainable deforestation has destroyed our environment.

Our proprietary wooden based designs and products are all manufactured from rubber wood. Rubber wood is harvested from rubber trees. The main advantage is that rubber trees are sustainably harvested from managed plantations without the dreadful, wanton deforestation associated with the harvesting of other hardwoods. When people think of rubber wood, it probably draws a blank as compared to other established hard woods like oak, mahogany and teak. However, it is largely unknown that the wood from such rubber trees are strong, flexible, resistant to fungus and has a beautiful grain pattern. For more details of the advantages of using rubber wood, please refer to article.

We encourage the end-consumers to insist that their furniture retailers produce evidence that the wood that goes into your furniture is harvested from sustainable sources responsibly. Our wood products are fully made from rubber wood and we hope to market this type of wood to the international market so as to reduce the damage to our virgin forests around the world.

A problem inherent is this industry is the frequent occurrence of scraps and wastage of materials in making the end products. Many of these “scraps” can actually be re-used or recycled to be made into meaningful products. The key is how to make it viable for a business like ours. The trading business that Masin Marketing engages in seeks to pair up businesses with scraps to sell to our clients who can purchase and use such scraps profitably to produce new products at a lower cost to them and to the environment.