Being in the line of the furniture business for the best part of the last 30 years, Masin Marketing has seen the proliferation of cheap furniture exports around the world. Although, this has helped bring down the prices to make furniture more affordable for normal folks, the cost and damage to our natural environment has vastly escalated.

Recognizing that as a furniture parts supplier, we have a part to play; Masin Marketing has embarked on its own ECOProject. It is designed to reduce the environmental footprint of our business and also to educate and change the industry and the consumers’ behavior to embrace a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Many businesses try to raise their green profile by embarking on separate green projects to mitigate the damage they have done. But what we have done at Masin Marketing is to integrate the very notion of being green into our businesses and to continually strive to balance our green credentials with our profitability as a business.

We believe that making the switch to environmentally friendly products should not penalize existing businesses and consumers in terms of a higher price. Thus, our company has gone to great lengths to ensure that our rubber wood products are not priced at a premium and is equally competitive with products manufactured from other hardwoods. Thus, we are encouraging our clients to make the switch to using products from rubber wood exclusively to maximize their green credentials and to show their consumers that they do care about the environment.