Scrap Leather

As a distributor of premium cow hide leather to upholsters, we have noticed that upholsters tend to be able to use square pieces of the hide, leaving the leftovers at the sides and eventually disposing of them. However, we learnt that these scraps could be collected back and be made into small leather items which only require a small piece of leather. We are also currently embarking on projects to sieve and sort out the leather and stitch them together to create new product offerings that can be sold on the consumer market without any compromise in quality and yet support our ECOProject cause.

Scrap Plastics

Plastics are non-biodegradable and with the increasing amount of plastic waste created, recycling plastics has become a real issue. It is a fact that collecting back plastics and recycling them provides real benefits to the environment and to businesses. However, many businesses neglect to do that because of several reasons. Recycled plastics are usually of a poorer grade due to the impurities contained within. Thus, the structure of the polymers are compromised and may result in plastics that are easier to break or softer.

However, due to our experience with using recycled plastic materials, we can achieve a balance whereby the quality of the product is not compromised and a fine balance is achieved. By mixing the recycled content with new material, we can reduce the usage of new material and also bring down the cost of our products, thus conserving resources and also minimizing costs at the same time.

Reclaimed Wood

One of the core parts of our business is the production of furniture legs from wood. Due to the nature of the wooden legs, we do not require huge logs but rather smaller leftovers from other wood production. Thus, we negotiate deals with wood suppliers to take the smaller pieces of logs left for us to use to produce sofa legs which require less surface area than other applications. Another source of wood is also reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood are used plywood from table tops and furniture from offices and buildings. These wood are usually disposed off to the junkyard. However, we collect these wood back to be remade into new productions with conditioning and selecting those that are without flaws. This is significantly friendlier to the environment as fewer trees will be felled if more people embrace the use of such recycled wood. The quality of the end product is not diminished by the use of recycled wood at all. We hope to educate our clients and end-consumers in making the right option by choosing our products.