It is notorious that in this industry, trends change quickly and companies come and go. As such, certain opportunities may arise whereby machinery or stocks are put up for clearance sale. We help to facilitate such deals so that the materials can be reused elsewhere meaningfully instead of having to be scrapped or stored indefinitely at a junkyard. These materials are often available at very low prices so check back regularly for offers on our websites.


With the growth of export based industries in the region, the appetite for machinery has increased many folds over the years. Many support industries selling new machinery have invaded the market. However, we believe that this influx is not sustainable in the long term. In fact, many of the old and used machines can actually be reconditioned with little effort to transform them into trusty machinery for industries again.

Recognizing the potential for the second-hand machinery, our company has diversified into the used forklifts and machinery industry. We collect used machinery which either not working or working poorly from industries and perform overhauls and maintenance on them. After the process, these second hand machinery are as good as new and can perform many tasks assigned to them with the finesse of new machines.

Many traders of second hand machinery in this market put a lot of emphasis on the physical age of the machine, or rather the chassis. However, what must be stressed is not the physical age of the machine but how well maintained it is and the actual testing of the unit in the working environment. In fact, you will find that the difference is minimal.

These old machines are usually available at a cheaper price and they also prevent the unnecessary wastage of key resources as they can be re-used with some reconditioning. Thus, we encourage industries to try out our used forklifts and find out for themselves how they can save some money for themselves and at the same time, conserve the environment.