A few years ago, we received feedback from our customers that there was a lot of leftover leather from upholstery. The usual way of disposing of these scraps was to junk it. Given the good quality of the leather, it was a huge waste. Thus, we decided to collect back such leftover scraps. These scraps are then recycled to be used in various industries to be made in different products again. This is in line with our company policy of being environmentally-friendly.

We now offer customised stainless steel solutions for your needs. These include stainless steel shelves, coffee/dining tables, information stands, garden planters, garden benches, pipes and whatever you need that is made of stainless steel. Send us your designs and we will contact you to discuss about your designs and explore the possibilities.

Our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to customise furniture parts (eg. wooden sofa legs, stainless steel sofa legs, bent plywood, etc) made from a variety of materials including plastic, metal, stainless steel, wood or aluminium. We are able to take care of your needs from the fabrication of new mould right down to production stage so that operations will be seamless and your supply would not be compromised. We respect our clients’ intellectual property and every design is meticulously protected to prevent competitors from getting the designs before it is released. Because all the processes are handled by us, it is easy to isolate any defects before production starts. Our friendly sales executives are knowledgeable and friendly so that your queries can be answered quickly and accurately. Communication is effective and efficient for so your inquiries will be up to speed. *terms and condition apply.

Confused by the plethora of choices available for forklifts? Have a special requirement for lifting to tall heights or working with small spaces or on a shoestring budget? We provide a no obligation, free on-site evaluation for your needs. We will send a sales representative down to advice on the type of forklift and follow up with your requirements.*service is only available in Singapore.